Composite repair step by step guide

This post explains basic steps which is to be followed before repairing a composite structure. Damages happened to a composite structure may not be identifiable always using naked eye as well as various NDI inspection techniques. Prior to repairing a defect one technician shall analyse the following below mentioned factors.

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Customizing styles in MS Word 2007

This post will explain how to give styles to your word content, formatting in the sense arranging main headings,sub headings, sub-sub headings, in a sequential manner and makes your document looks in a pretty arranged way. This style can be applied for all the new MS- Word files you start working, and can be applied if you want to do so. The below image shows an example of document created using the word formatting style

The first step towards creating this format is changing the default Heading Styles in MS- Word. This is shown clearly in the following screen shots.

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How to view a .CGM file using Siemens JT2GO


.CGM file is computer graphics Meta file; File is unable to view using designing softwares like CATIA, Hyper mesh e.t.c, But JT2Go developed but Siemens enables to open the file. JT2GO is extension of UG.

1 Download the software and install in the system.

2 Run the setup file

3 Once the 12 MB file is installed Open the software and drag the CGM file into the window

4 There are basically 15 individual tools for viewing a CGM file


Fit all, Base view, Seek, pan, zoom in, zoom out, Rotate clockwise, Anti clockwise, Flip vertical, Flip horizontal and view full screen.