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What are SSD and HDD and What’s better for you?

Did you know the difference between SDD and HDD before you purchase the laptops? If no, don’t worry here is the blog that guides you which is best for your laptop!!!

Here you will get an answer in simple ways that what are your needs and what will going to fulfill it. And at the end of this post, you will choose what type of drive will be best for your choice.


Budget is a very important thing while choosing a laptop so for that if you are planning to buy a laptop then SSD will cost you very higher then HDD, so it’s will be costly for you to have a laptop with SSD. If all you want is speed and you can have your work done with less storage then you can have 256 GB SSD laptop in average budget.


Whenever we are going to buy a laptop and our need is to buy a laptop that has good speed then we think of a laptop with having more RAM storage and have a good processor, right! But that’s not it for the laptop to be faster its storage drive matters most. If all you need is a fast laptop and you have a good budget then you should choose SSD instead of HDD.

The speed difference between SSD and HDD

Disk type  Speed of reading data in
Speed of writing data in
SSD 550   520
HDD  125    125

Power efficiency

Type of drive can affect your laptop’s battery life too. HDD consumes more power as it contains movable parts where SSD consumes less power. Normally HDD consumes 6 to 7-watt average where SSD consume 2 to 3 watt, so in terms of power, SSD is a good option to choose. It can give you half an hour or more battery life than the HDD.

OS boot up

SSD will increase your operating system boot-up speed 3 times faster than HDD.


SSD is safe against magnetic effects wherein HDD data can be erased by a magnet.


As mentioned earlier SSD has no moving parts so it doesn’t have any vibration where HDD has vibration due to moving parts.

Storage capacity

In terms of storage, SSD comes with 128 GB for a lower budget and for HDD we can get a laptop with 500 GB or 1 TB.

Other benefits of SSD over HDD

SSD has 30% fast in opening files compare to HDD

SSD has no moving parts so it doesn’t have any noise as HDD has a moving part that creates noise.