React Native vs Flutter, which is best for mobile app development

In recent years, many mobile application development companies are preferring development in hybrid development platform, the reason behind is that the company can reduce the development cost as a single developer can develop an application for both the platform Android and IOS.

So, doing the app development in a hybrid platform save time and cost of development. And due to this the hybrid development is going more and more popular those days.

Now, the question may arise that how many hybrid app development technologies are there in the market.

Here are some of the technologies in the hybrid app development.
React Native

Out of these technologies, the two are more popular React Native and Flutter.

Confused between these two technology for mobile app development.Let’s see which is best with different aspects.

In those days, these two technologies are too popular if we talk about cross-platform mobile app development framework.

React Native is a platform build by Facebook while Flutter is developed by Google.

Now, let’s see the difference between both of these frameworks against several factors.

Approach to learn:

React Native:
Well React Native is written entirely in JavaScript using React so it’s been easy for any JavaScript developer to learn React Native also a React developer can learn app development with React Native as they already know the concepts of JavaScript such as state management, looping in java script and whole bunch of things in JavaScript framework.

This is a huge perk for React Native since JavaScript consistently ranks as one of the most popular and used programming languages in the world.

Flutter is written in Dart language.

Here, the JavaScript developers can not easily switch in flutter as the Dart language is compulsory to learn. And due to this reason the flutter is now a days less popular than React Native.

Community support:

React Native:
React Native has a vast community of developers on stack overflow, git hub and Discord chat, that’s why it has more third party libraries.

Flutter has a less community of developers than React Native although the support by the Flutter Team from Google in development is amazing.


If we talk about the stability, React Native is ahead of Flutter as React Native came early in market.

UI Components support:

React Native:
Depends heavily on the third party dependencies/libraries for many of the functionalities to fulfill in development.

Flutter has more support of its rich set of components.


Both are good for development and have their own set of props and cons.


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