Which technology to learn to start a career in programming

Nowadays, selecting a technology for programming for those who are starting a career in programming is so confusing.

I’m writing this because when I started my career as a programmer, I’m confused about which programming language to choose.

So, here in this blog, I’ll give some tips that can help you to select the programming language or you can say that technology of your choice.

The most important thing to start is that all technology is good whether it is web designing, web development, mobile development, javascript or whatever, what important is finding technology in which you are interested in.

Once you find that this technology is best for me, just go through it, start learning.

Once you master in one technology, you can easily learn the next one, because ultimately the logic is the same in all programming languages, there is a change of syntax and that is not a big deal.

Now, one more thing that most of the freshers are doing is they starting looking on multiple technologies at a single time that is not a good approach of learning programming, so go ahead stick with one programming language.

Keep that in mind

So finally ,my suggestion is to find your favorite one and start learning that.


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